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Benefit from from our great experience as film producers and event managers, proven in the Olympic campaigns since 2002. We have been part of the bid teams in Salzburg (2010), Sochi (2014), and Munich (2018). At last we supported the city of Beijing in its bid for the Winter Games 2022.


It depends always on the three “C”s (Content, Context, and Character) of a bid, and about the way to deliver. To achieve that aim we provide mind-blowing presentations, keynotes and movies. High emotional visualizations of a bid strategy are door openers for every campaign.

Of course, our service is also available for companies, parties, or federations.


When we had worked in the Munich 2018 campaign, we created a new level of story telling by using new technologies which impressed not only the other bids from Korea and France, but also the members of the IOC and the federations worldwide.


We help you gain friends for your ideas in the entire world.



Stories and messages need impressive moving pictures to reach the hearts of every audience.

We are experts in creating digital content and offer a new technology to visualize all venues, infrastructure, and accommodations in a 3D animated world of mind blowing virtual reality, the likes of which you have never seen before.


We can bring your master plan to life with, if necessary, interactive possibilities to create an unforgettable flyover. It looks real, but it´s all computer generated content (see the „Flyover“ Movie).


Thus, it gives you full freedom in presenting your bid from any angle you wish for the first time in stereoscopic technology, fully interactive, even implementing mountains, woods, seas, and nature in breathtaking real life quality.


Key messages and movies come together in dozens of international and national presentations. The Media Office guarantees a seamless work flow.


  • We know how to produce heart and mind stimulating movies for your campaign.

  • We know how to organize and handle a wide vary of different media and publication types.

  • We know how to keep the permanent overview of legal affairs, costs and time management.


We also advice you in the decision of choosing the best film directors and production companies - even locals.


We create all the presentations for your international and national shows.


By setting up a centralized media database, we have all the flexibility to deliver all levels of production standards and respond to all needs which arise during the bid at any time. We have the ability to create movies and visualizations within one day.


Our work method is groundbreaking and very responsive. Quick responses are a fundamental and core asset for every campaign and bid leader.


By using the method of collecting and saving all produced footage in a central media server, we compose the best images with movies, graphics and quotes to touch the minds and hearts of every audience.


We are able not only to produce movies, but also to make all the presentations you need.

These includes your local requirements (sponsors, government, population, press) and all the international presentations worldwide.


Here is a short summary what we offer:


  • The best movies for every specific moment.

  • Presentations with images and movies for unforgettable impressions.

  • 3D interactive Flyovers, in breathtaking stereoscopic technology with implementation of movies and venues, plan and bid book information.

  • Centralized media file server, including streamlined rights management system.



Reto Lamm


  • born in August 1970

  • Freestyle Snowboarder

  • Swiss Champion Halfpipe

  • Worldcup Winner, Vice World Champion Halfpipe

  • Total Coordinator and of Nissan X-Trail jam (snowboard contest) in Tokyo Dome for over eight years

  • Media Consultant for Steve Wynn Casino Las Vegas (presentation of Casino on the Las Vegas Strip)

  • Global Media and Film director for Willy Bogner Clothing brand

  • Media and Film director for St.Moritz resort

  • 2006 Sochi Bid Film producer

  • 2009 Munich 2018 Olympic Bid / Head of Film and Presentations.

  • 2013/2014 Film director of St. Moritz movie “150 years of Alpine Wintersport”
    (link to youtube).

  • 2014/2015 Producer of Beijings Final Movie of the Olympic campaign for the Winter Games 2022
    (Director: Zhang Yimou)

Tobias Kuner

  • born in December 1968

  • 1990 news and sport reporter for RTL (German TV network)

  • 1992 Director and author for several German TV networks

  • 2001 Producer of the Opening Ceremony of FIS Alpine World Championship,
    St. Anton, Austria

  • 2002 delegated by the Austrian Ski Federation to the Salzburg 2010 Olympic Bid,

  • several events and movies for Austrian Ski Federation / Austrian Ski Pool

  • 2005 Head of Promotion, Design & TV Shows at „Premiere“ (today: „Sky Germany“
    / Pay TV Network)

  • 2009 Munich Bid for Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games 2018 / Director Media Office

  • 2012 Member of Local Organizing Committee of the FIS Alpine World Ski Championship Schladming / Styria 2013

  • Executive Producer of Opening and Closing Ceremony Special Olympics World Winter Games 2017




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